A world first, 25% Lighter, Full Carbon frame and footplate, Unique Design, Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Frame, Carbon Footplate, Rear Access System, Mag Lok Units, Deluxe Padded Seat, Design & Assembled in England, Removable Footplate, Full Carbon Legs & Mudfeet, Unique Detailing

Introducing the Absolute Carbon Seatbox.

Our new flagship seatbox is the culmination of three years innovative design and rigorous testing to create a premium, lightweight masterpiece.

Unique Design

The elegant curves of the Absolute Carbon have been specifically sculpted to maximise strength and uses carbon fibre reinforcements in key stress areas.

Carbon Frame and Footplate

Not only does the Absolute Carbon boast aerospace grade carbon fibre on its frame, but it is the first of its kind to also feature a carbon footplate, carbon legs and carbon mud feet. Further enhancing Preston Innovations’ position as number one in the seatbox market.

An image of the Preston Innovations Absolute Carbon Seatbox

Three years in the making

From initial sketches to the final stunning design

Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fibre Frame 25% lighter than the original Absolute Station

Carbon Fibre footplate

Protected with a contemporary hard wearing footplate cover

Patent pending Easy Access System

Allows the cassette to slide out of the rear of the Absolute Carbon

Patent pending Mag Lok clip system

Featuring triple coated Neodymium magnets to make them incredibly strong, yet simple to use

Deluxe Padded Seat Unit with integrated Shallow Side Drawer

To make efficient use of under seat storage

Designed, tested & hand assembled in the UK

Hand assembled in our Shropshire factory, where each Absolute Carbon is rigorously quality controlled

Removable Carbon Fibre footplate

Allows for a simple storage solution and makes it easier to clean

36mm diameter Carbon Fibre outer legs

With 32mm diameter Carbon Fibre inner legs, finished off with full carbon fibre mudfeet

An exclusive serial number printed on each carbon fibre frame makes every Absolute Carbon one of a kind.


3 Years in Design
and Development

25% Lighter compared to
original Absolute Station

36mm Carbon Fibre
Outer legs

32mm Carbon Fibre
Inner legs

Hand Assembled, in Britain


Girl In Snow


Three years from concept to reality

Designed, tested & hand assembled in the UK
in our very own Shropshire factory.

In 2014, concepts began on initial sketches which detailed possible design ideas. These designs quickly evolved into precise CAD drawings and 3D models

Our primary objective was ensuring that the Absolute Carbon would be as strong as possible without compromising its stunning aesthetics and performance.

Designed, tested & hand assembled in the UK

three years from concept to reality

In 2014, concepts began on initial sketches which detailed possible design ideas. These designs quickly evolved into precise CAD drawings and 3D models where critical dimensions could be calculated so that extensive stress analysis could be carried out. Our primary objective was ensuring that the Absolute Carbon would be as strong as possible without compromising its stunning aesthetics and performance.

We are proud to say that the Absolute Carbon is hand assembled in our Shropshire-based factory where each individual box is rigorously quality controlled. This ensures that every Absolute Carbon we produce is of the highest standard possible. Even the packaging is sourced in the UK from environmentally friendly materials to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Whilst the striking lines and flowing curves bear hallmark to the popular design of the Absolute Station, a closer look reveals subtle design changes which were critical when working with high modulus carbon fibre. The Absolute Carbon frame is slightly thicker than its predecessor and features a dual support pillar design at the rear which increases its overall strength and stability.

The highly experienced designers and engineers proved crucial to the Absolute Carbon development. They were able to run extensive stress testing using the latest design software, coupled with hands-on, physical lab tests to ensure that all areas of the Absolute Carbon frame and footplate were strong enough to withstand even the toughest of situations.

How to create a masterpiece

Once the design was finalised, the search began to source the highest quality carbon fibre available. Our quality control manager spent countless hours searching for the best possible materials available, visiting four countries and numerous factories looking for the perfect solution for our revolutionary new seatbox.

Due to the frame and footplate being constructed from high modulus carbon fibre with foam-core technology, sourcing the perfect carbon fibre was vital, but would amount to nothing if we didn’t source the most knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen to build our masterpiece.

Our engineers developed a unique way of working with this new material and were able to utilise full carbon construction on both the frame and footplate. This design evolution proved to be significant in the overall weight reduction of the Absolute Carbon, as well as creating its stunning functional design. With the highest quality carbon and expert engineers in place, we then endeavoured to produce something that we had never created before our first carbon fibre seatbox.

Built on solid foundations

The Absolute Carbon has many brand new design features
that make using the seatbox effortless.

Quick Release Pins

The footplate is secured in place by spring loaded quick release pins that can be precisely locked in open or closed positions, this ensures that your set up is ultra-stable at all times. Should your peg negate the need for a footplate, it can be quickly and easily removed.

Round the back

The same quick release locking pins also feature on the winder tray cassette, which makes it easy to remove at any time during your session. This is made even easier by the new patent pending ‘Easy Access System’ that allows the cassette to slide out of both the front and rear of the seatbox.

Level Pegging

A spirit level is located centrally on the rear of the frame and is in the perfect place to ensure that your set up is always level, a small but overlooked feature that is vital for comfort over a long session.


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Deluxe as standard

The package supplied with the Absolute Carbon includes everything you would expect from a flagship seatbox. With plenty of accessory storage.


  • A fixed 40mm Unit Tray
  • A Deep Side Drawer Unit and a Deluxe Seat with Shallow Side Drawer. The cassette is supplied complete with three winder units
  • Fully loaded with 13cm, 18cm and 26cm (narrow) Double Slider Winders.
  • A custom designed Seatbox Cover
  • A Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap
  • An After Care Kit
  • As well as a brand new Shuttle Adaptor to ensure your that your Absolute Carbon travels safely and securely on your Preston shuttle.